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1 - Blue/Yellow Kneadatite 1in. x 36in.

$23.95 $25.95

Kneadatite Blue/Yellow ("Green Stuff") is a two-part epoxy/polyamide sealant/adhesive for interior and exterior maintenance and repair. It has excellent adhesion to stone, ceramic, metal, wood and many plastics, including vinyl. Nicknamed "Green" by sculptors and modelers, Blue/Yellow is well-known fo r its long worklife, non-grainy texture and ability to hold fine detail. Cured models withstand up to 4 vulcanizations. Blue/Yellow is not intended for structural applications .   Base is Yellow; curing agent is Blue; cured color is Green.

How to use

Surface preparation: Before applying, roughen and clean the area to be repaired.

Mixing and application: Wear impermeable gloves when mixing or handling uncured product.

Tape - Cut or twist off equal lengths of flat blue and yellow tape. Bars - Cut or twist off 1 part curing agent (blue) to 1.5 parts base (yellow). Mix by twisting and kneading with gloved fingers to a uniform color. For best results, use damp fingers for easier mixing and application.

Apply to the surface to be repaired within1 hour of mixing. Force into cracks or holes and remove excess material before hardening begins, preferably with a tool moistened with water. When applying to a damp or wet area, work the material forcefully into the surface and apply pressure until adhesion begins to take effect.

Kneadatite Blue/Yellow has a 1-1/2 to 2-hour work life. Functional cure occurs after 4 to 5 hours, when the application can be drilled, carved, sawed, sanded, and painted. Ultimate hardness is reached in 20 to 24 hours.

Shelf life: Tape - One year minimum from date of shipment when stored in original, unopened container at 75 ̊F (24 ̊C).

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